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Temperature Controller and Heater Stock.

We have various temperature controllers and water/oil heaters in stock. Most are in need of refurbishment.

The main machines we work with are the Tricool C5's, C6's and SHK models and the Tooltemp TT-133-E. We do have various others.

Below is a list of what we currently have (Apr2019). If you see anything on the list that would interest you please get in touch. We can refurbish for you or strip down for parts.



Tooltemp TT-155-E - 1 ready to go £180

Tooltemp TT-156-E - 1 ready to go £180

Tooltemp TT-157-E - 1 ready to go £180

Tooltemp TT-168-E - 1 ready to go £180

Reiken RT12

Piovan TW12 - 6 ready to go £800 each

Piovan TWH12 - 1 ready to go £800


We can also fix or service your temperature controllers and test in our workshop.

We have alse set up workshop heating systems using temperature controllers.