Mechanical Craft Engineering

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We can:

Supply, service and install compressors both new or reconditioned.

Show you how much money you can save by updating your system.

Supply, service and Install, Air systems, Filters, Dryers, Auto Drains, Air Guns and Fittings.



Machine Servicing

We can:

Carry out regular maintenance on all of your machinery to keep it running smoothly.

Set up a service schedule to make sure maintenance is carried out regularly.

Provide you with service records for your files.



Temperature Controllers

We are specialists in overhaul, servicing and repair of temperature controllers and water heaters. We work on all makes including Tooltemp, Tricool, Piovan and AEC. We have repair and testing facilities in our workshop.

See before and after overhaul picture to right.

We can also adapt our temperature controllers to work as a heating system where a gas boiler would not be viable e.g Spray Booth.

We connect temperature controller up to radiator system and temperature can be controlled via temperature controller.

We can supply and install full system. Contact us for a quote.


Transportation Barrows

We design and make various transportation barrows which can be adapted to your needs. All are made out of steel so they are long lasting. Two of our most popular types are listed below but if you have any other requirements we can adapt to suit.



Transformer Barrows

This barrow allows you to move your transformer around easily and with little effort.

The cables can be kept tidy which means there are no tripping hazards in workshop or van.

Steel frame will be long lasting and ideal for use in an industrial environment.

Made to order so any adaption you need can be incorporated.




Boot  Cleaner Barrows

Barrow fitted with brushes for cleaning shoes and boots. Can be easily moved around to where it is needed.




Battery Repair

We can repair batteries from your power tools.

9v from £12

14v from £25

18v from £30

We can also carry out repairs to power tools.


Please contact us for a quote







Transformer Barrow Picture Batteries Red Compressor Temp Controller Before Temp Controller After Boot Scraper