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LEV Design Service

We offer a design and installation service for your Local Exhaust Ventilation systems.


Whether you need a complete new system or a modification to your existing one then we can help you out. We can also review your current systems to make sure they are working in the right way and up to current regulations.


Our engineer has completed the British Occupational Hygiene Society P602 Basic Design Principles of Local Exhaust Ventilation Systems course.


We design all types of LEV and extraction systems. Examples include: Fume Cupboards, Spray Booths, Woodworking systems, welding hoods and kitchen extraction.


The example below is of a hood to extract fumes from a chemical reaction.

P1010029 P1010026 P1010022

If you require a new extraction system then we can carry out the whole process from start to finish. We design, supply, install and test the system. A typical system would involve:


Benchmarking report to ensure the right hood is used to control your process.


Fan sizing so we get the appropriate fan to do the job.


Design of ducting system.


Supply of high quality components to make up system.


Installation of system.


Testing of system to ensure that it is delivering the control it was designed for.


Supply of User Manual, Log Book and Commissioning Report to comply with COSHH Regulations.


To see an example of the work we carry out click here.