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NEW - SWP Compressor

SWP Zephyr 2/24

115PSi, 2HP, 7.5A, 240V, 25L

Ideal for garage or workshop

£133 INC VAT






Ingersoll-Rand SSR ML5.5

Max Pressure 7.5bar


3phase, 415V

£1300.00 +VAT






Piovan TW12

12kw water heater

Max temp 90C

Pump: 0.75kw, 60l/min

7 units available

£650 +vat per unit



Tooltemp TT-156E

4 machines like this with different model numbers.



We also have various other makes and models in stock that we can refurbish or use for parts. Please contact us with your requirements.



Transformer Barrow

Steel Barrow for transporting transformer.

Can be adapted to your needs

£30 +VAT






Boat Barrow

Steel Barrow for transporting boat engine.

Can be adapted to your needs

£35 +VAT




Boot Cleaner

Steel Barrow with brushes fitted for cleaning boots and shoes.

£40 +VAT

£60 +VAT (powder coated) 

Boat Barrow 1 Transformer Barrow Picture Small Compressor Boot Scraper

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items below please contact us.

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07788 430625

Tooltemp TT-156 1 Rand SSRML5.5 Piovan1