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Case Study: Seed Production Company

This is one of the biggest jobs we have done and shows the wide range of services Mechanical Craft Engineering can offer you.


The job started off with us being asked to provide an extraction system at a seed production company in Norfolk. A process they had developed involved a chemical reaction which gave off a fume which needed extracting. After a benchmarking exercise we decided on a fume cupboard type hood to enclose the process and extract the fume.














We noticed that the process was being carried out with the buckets holding the process being cooled by sitting in iced water. We then suggested to the customer that we could supply them with a chiller system that could keep a flow of cooled water around the buckets.

First we designed a stainless steel trough for the buckets to sit in. Then with the help of local chilled water experts Pitkin and Ruddock we supplied and fitted a chiller system to keep a supply of cold water moving past the buckets and keeping them cool.














The extraction system was installed and we tested the system to ensure that it was achieving appropriate control. We then supplied the customer with the User Manual, Logbook and Commissioning Report required by the COSHH regulations.















Mechanical Craft Engineering was able to organise the whole of the project from start to finish meaning that the customer didn't have to worry about organising people to finish off the job. Once we had finished the customer could move straight back in to their lab and start working again. As well as designing, installing and testing the extraction system we were able to offer the following services:


Chiller supply and installation (alongside Pitkin and Ruddock).


Plumbing in of sink and chiller system.


All electrical work.


Re-configuration of worktops and cupboards within lab.


Carpentry work for fan housing.


Steel barriers around chiller and tanks


Production of stainless steel sink and supporting structure.


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